Queen's Platinum Jubilee June 2022

It has been announced that this year there will be an extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. This will fall on Friday 3 June 2022 and the late May bank holiday has been shifted to Thursday 2 June 2022



Closing your road is possible, but not assured in every case. Main roads - NO. residential roads - Likely.
If you read the DCC Highways advice document you would be scared off the whole idea! Concessions for the Jubilee have been made.



Ward Grants are available from both Devon County Council and Exeter City Council at the generosity of the local Councillors. As these have to be applied for through community organisations the SLNA can coordinate applications. Sums in the region of £50 and expenditure should be itemised.



Food - Drink - Games - Equipment - Music.

Road closures are handled by Devon County Highways Dept, they are nothing to do with Exeter City Council. The normal 3 month notice has been reduced to 6 weeks for the Jubilee, that means applications should be in by the 19th April 2022. The SLNA has a certain amount of road signs, but these can also be home made fairly easily, we also have cones. We can help you to make 'Traffic management plans'  and give other advice, please ask. Here is a link to the application form.
Grant possibilities  - Ward grants from both ECC and DCC can be applied for through the SLNA. If you would like help with some expenses please itemise what expenses you will need and send us an email, we will then combine applications and hopefully get you some help.

Activities -  We have Googled the net for some helpful information, it's nothing that you couldn't have done, but here what we have found;

Games - Try these ideas for games.

Bunting - you can get very cheap plastic bunting but that's not very environmentally friendly, these people make paper bunting, don't worry its not going to rain! LINK TO BUNTING

Selling alcohol? - It would be much better if you avoided selling alcohol perhaps by getting everyone to chip in and bring a bottle, but f you want to sell alcohol you'll need a 'Temporary Event Notice' (TEN) from Exeter City Council. Here's a link to the application process.

Rain cover - Don't worry it's not going to rain, but if you wanted shelter from the sun you can get very cheap gazebos from Argos and Dunelm.

Food - I'm sure that your street will come up with terrific ideas for food, but if you need some inspiration try this site.

Music - Take inspiration from the Queen herself, who in a 2016 interview with the BBC revealed her top 10 favourite tracks. Favouring “musicals and mainstream music with no airs and graces,” the list includes:

Oklahoma! Howard Keel

Anything You Can Do (Annie Get Your Gun), Dolores Gray and Bill Johnson

Sing, Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band feat. the Military Wives

Cheek to Cheek, Fred Astaire

The White Cliffs Of Dover, Vera Lynn

Leaning on a Lamp-post, George Formby

Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven (hymn)

The Lord is My Shepherd (hymn)

Lester Lanin Medley

Regimental March, Milanollo

or if that royal collection doesn't float your boat make a street Whatsapp group and get people to put in their choices for a playlist.

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