Traffic Puzzle for St Leonards



Sort out how you think that the traffic should be routed in St Leonards in order to accommodate any changes in Magdalen Road and improve the traffic environment for us all.
This is definitely just an attempt to get the grey cells working and design a solution which suits everyone. It is not formal or binding, but we would love to have some creative ideas which could be put forward in the consultation.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”
If you are one of those people who wonder what was wrong with the way Magdalen Road was, remember that the UK Government, Devon County & Exeter City Councils have all pledged to reduce Carbon emissions dramatically. The photo in Option 4 of the DCC consultation reminds us of what Magdalen Road was like with cars stationery, engines running and filling the air with noxious fumes and the street from end to end, by today’s standards it is ‘broke’. There has to be something better than that. In a poll taken last year nearly 70% of locals wanted some action taken over the future layout of Magdalen Road. For those who may not want a change from the way it was before, inaction could just prove to be a downfall for all of us.

Things don’t have to be ‘broke’ to be changed for the better.

Innovation, vision and imitation could all be applied to our wonderful shopping street to make sure that it survives as the thriving hub of the local community. We need our shops, shops need customers and customers need shops. There is plenty of evidence of increased footfall if shopping areas are made more pleasant, healthier and safer places to be, that's why Exeter High Street is car-free and Bedford Square is not a car park. If you are in any doubt about the pros and cons of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods see the reactions of others on our ‘Local Traffic Arguments’ webpage. 

Won't it just be moving the traffic problem onto someone else’s roads?

The only traffic which will be re-routed onto the arterial routes of either Heavitree or Topsham Road will be the through-traffic which would have been on Magdalen Road which is not designated as suitable for an arterial route.   Yes, those routes are likely to experience an increase in traffic, but research has found that there is such a thing as ‘traffic evaporation’ which causes drivers to find a more suitable way of getting from A to B. Hopefully a more environmentally friendly way such as by public transport, park-and-ride, walk or cycle. That's something we will all have to do if we are to achieve the emission targets.

How to take part.  

Click on the map here and it will open up in a new page. Print out that page.
Return to this page when you have done that.
Arm yourself with a pencil and a rubber, you may find it takes a few attempts to get the perfect solution, when you have what you think is the best solution you can mark them in a more permanent way.

St Leonards map for printing

Using only the two symbols here annotate the map. You can change the direction of a street which is already one-way if you like. You can alter our bus routes, but still allow residents to easily reach a bus route, we must have at least one bus route through the area.
You can alter junction priorities or insert or remove traffic lights.

  1. Your changes must:-
  2. Allow vehicles (cars and delivery vehicles for either all or some of the time) to access the shops.
  3. Prevent Magdalen Road being used as a through route for non-stopping traffic, so that one of DCC’s 4 ideas 1-3 can be implemented.
  4. Allow all residents to make car journeys to and from their houses to the North, South, East or West (A,C,D & F on the map) without very much extra mileage.
  5. Not create rat runs for traffic using St Leonards as a quick nip through.
  6. Bear in mind the access for our schools and County Hall.

Things to bear in mind.
20 mph zones and ‘Buses and cycles only’ restrictions tend to not work unless there are cameras and fines.
‘Pointless loops’ (loops which come off arterial routes and return to them without going anywhere except to houses) could be a useful tool.

What to do with your entries.
On your map, and only if necessary, write down which of the DCC options you chose and any explanations which are needed. Keep these as short as possible, clear and to the point. Don’t say why you have made those changes, that will be self evident.
Scan or photograph the map (both sides if necessary) and use the uploading link HERE  to send us your entry. Or you can just email us the file at if you like.

If you want ownership of your entry please put your name and contact details on it, but you don't have to. If yours is the best solution you can just bask in the glory knowing that it's yours!

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