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This page has been added because we felt that some people like to be able to use the Neighbourhood Association to act as a force for pressuring local authorities, businesses and organisations to 'do the right thing'. We are perfectly happy to do this, but be aware that what is 'the right thing' for one is not necessarily the 'right thing' for another.

For access to the management of the Neighbourhood Association please go to the contacts page, here.


THE ENERGY RECYCLING FACILITY (previously known as the Incinerator.)

Complaints about smell, traffic and anything else should be made to Adrian Middlewick on 1392 255120. It helps if you ring close to the time of the incident as they can then more easily identify the cause.

The SLNA has a representation on the liaison committee which meets every six months.


SECANIM LTD (formerly known as J.L.Thomas.

Either ring the factory on 01392 258447 or ring Exeter City Environmental Health dept. on 01392 265193

The SLNA is on the liaison committee, to see the last meeting minutes - click