The pros and cons of making changes to traffic routes in residential areas.

All over the UK local governments have been asked, and helped financially by national government, to create changes in traffic flows to create easier social distancing and encourage people away from crowded public transport.
Below are some links to reports, videos and arguments for and against such measures.
These could be read in conjunction with the results of the St Leonards opinion  poll on some ideas for traffic changes in Magdalen Road.

  1. The Guardian 20/9/20  - The new road rage: bitter rows break out over UK’s low-traffic neighbourhoods
  2. The Week Magazine 9/1/21- The War On Traffic
  3. The Guardian 20/10/20 - Despite a loud opposing minority, low-traffic neighbourhoods are increasingly popular
  4. Living Streets - An introduction for policy makers
  5. Stopping Rat Runs - a Youtube video
  6. What is a Liveable Neighbourhood?   -  A You tube video made by Oxfordshire Living Streets which describes what they are hoping to achieve.
  7. The development of the Newtown area of Exeter in the 1960s - A BFI video which is worth watching not only to see as nostalgic, but also to see how living streets were achieved back then.
  8. A BMJ study into LTNs and population health - Prof Anna Goodman studies.
  9. Stories from Brixton's (London) Low traffic Neighbourhood - "Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit we were already consulting on how to make Lambeth Streets more accessible and enjoyable. This was part of our Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project." Also a link to  - Statistics on changes in traffic levels inside and outside the LTN area.
  10. Air Quality  26/4/21 - Are Low Traffic Neighbourhoods the latest casualty of the culture wars?  Air quality for everyone, not just the few.
  11. Shared Space: Dutch Woonerfs and Shopping Streets Explained - How the Woonerf system works in Holland in both shopping and residential streets. best web software